London 2012 Festival – Huge and Successful

London in 2012 saw the Olympics come to town. As well as the sport, there was a smorgasbord of cultural activity across the UK in the form of the London 2012 Festival.

Attendance at the London 2012 Festival topped 19.8 million people with 85% of those attending seeing it as a positive addition to the Games. 70% of those attending say the events exceeded their expectations and 10 million people were inspired to take part in cultural activity as a result.

We supported both the Greater London Authority and LOCOG extensively across a huge and extremely diverse range of cultural events. The true scale of this activity is a book or website in it’s own right, but some highlights of the London 2012 Festival areas we worked on directly were:

– A Summer Like No Other: Showtime. 400 artists from around the globe, visiting all 33 boroughs of London and some 5,000 performance. This was the largest free arts or cultural festival ever staged in the UK. We undertook all general management, commissioning, procurement & contracting and supported not only the Greater London Authority and LOCOG, but all 33 London Borough too.

– A Summer Like No Other: An extensive localised programme saw most of the 33 boroughs develop their own initiatives and cultural activity. This was vast in scale, and our support ranged from administrative at one end to providing grants and funding at the other.

– A Summer Like No Other / BT London Live: Live sites were present across London – Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square, Potter’s Fields and Victoria Park. As well as the great music and sport on show on the big screens, we commissioned and managed all the cultural activity at these events during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

– Olympic Park: We helped curate and source the entertainment and activity across the Olympic Park that was ever-present entertaining the thousands enjoying the park daily.

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The source of the statistics above can be found here.

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