Creativity Creating Wonders

It seems it’s not just me that thinks creative expression can create wonders. My morning today started with this fabulous news report from the BBC regarding “The Power of Art”. A trial in the US has created a truly transformative effect on some previously troubled kids. Should this be rolled out at all schools and here in the UK too?

The report highlights that whilst unproven scientifically the results of the trial are hard to ignore.

Just as I constantly advocate, let kids (or anyone) find ways of expressing themselves and they, the society they live in and by extension – the world (ok – I can hope) flourish.

As the government in the UK do all they can to send us back to a Victorian era of education, the world is changing. It’s not enough anymore to merely conform. In almost every walk of life other than at school we are constantly told to stand out, find a point of differentiation or follow our dreams.

At school this is stifled by trying to do little more than get a pass in a subject to keep school, the governments, parents and guardians happy. An education is important clearly, but happy people, happy children in my opinion will do far greater things irrespective of their academic achievements.

I just hope this trial in the US is seen by the government in the UK, actually – I hope everyone sees it and initiatives like it – until one day, hopefully, we have a system that consistently turns out enthusiastic and engaged people from school into the real world.

The film speaks for itself, take a look here.