Live Event Producers, Production and Project Management: Allium’s View

In this video Allium illustrate’s views on how Live Events are best Produced, Project Managed and how Production is best delivered.

If you’d prefer to read rather than watch (or if you’re in an office where you’re not allowed your speakers turned up), then here’s what’s said in the video:

Allium Services: Producers, Production and Project Management.

This is Claire. Claire works for a large organisation who’s CEO is so excited they’ve just won Company of the Year that he wants Claire to put on an event for the company’s staff, their clients and the media to celebrate.

The CEO wants a posh dinner, entertainment, fireworks, he wants to make a big speech and it’s a work doo so there will have to be some networking meetings.

Claire and the whole company are really excited. First Claire must decided whether to do the event internally or outsource it.

Doing it internally, Claire can bring different people on board when she’s ready and she knows that she’ll have direct control over any suppliers and that there wont be any markups or any other shenanigans.

However, Claire and her team are busy, and a very serious man from an office much higher than her has told her it all sounds a bit risky and that it’d be better to outsource it all.

So Claire writes a brief detailing what the CEO wants and invites a few companies to compete for the work. Claire and her CEO really likes Shiny Communication Inc’s proposal and awards them the contract.

Everything starts really well. A few weeks in though, the CEO tells Claire that he wants to add a large experiential exhibition to showcase the company’s widgets. This means amending Shiny Communication Inc’s contract and cancelling the dinner to save money for the exhibition. The dinner was where Shiny Communication Inc were going to make most of their profit, so they get a bit grumpy and Claire has to talk them round.

Next it turns out the event can’t get permission for the fireworks display as it will be too noisy. Shiny Communication Inc admitted to Claire that they thought this might happen. Claire, now furious, asked why they included it in their proposal? Shiny Communication Inc said that Claire had asked for it, that everyone pitching for the work included it and if they hadn’t included it, their proposal wouldn’t have looked as great as their competitors – it was a competition after all. Claire was distraught as the CEO loved Shiny Communication Inc’s proposal.

Her CEO was furious and demanded they hire a world-famous superstar to sing at the event to add some impact and that Shiny Communication Inc should pay for all or part of their fee.

The situation escalated and with the event approaching rapidly, Claire and Shiny Communication Inc were spending more time managing each other than focusing on the event, and the serious man from upstairs had got involved too given there were so many changes and costs were now spiraling. Claire even tried to cancel the event but couldn’t really because the contract with Shiny Communication Inc meant they were committed to a great deal of money already.

The final event bore little resemblance to the original proposal.

Claire now wasn’t getting much sleep either and once the event was over ,her initial excitement had vanished, replaced by relief the whole experience was over.

What if Claire had had another option?

Imagine there was somewhere Claire could turn to that was just like having her own internal team?

A team that ensured Claire’s fireworks issue could have been resolved before it ever reached the CEO. A team Claire and her CEO could develop ideas and plans with, together, as their requirements evolved and if it all ended up costing too much it could have been easily scaled back or even cancelled.

Claire could have turned to Allium.

Once you’ve decided you like us, we simply agree rates and then expand . . . or contract, . . . or vanish completely, . . as you need, with no long-term commitments. We act as a porta, contracting any suppliers . . . or any other organisations. . . at cost . . . which costs you no more than you doing it yourself, and, we take on the associated liabilities.

You have a single contract, you’re guaranteed best value, any risk is minimised and we can even agree to work with you to an overall budget. All of this keeps the very serious man from upstairs and people like him very happy indeed.

You get world-class expertise in the right place at the right time to accelerate everything, provide clarity, instill confidence, develop your activity with you and support you throughout your journey, not just when it comes to planning and delivery. You have complete flexibility, because things do and will change.

Working with us is intentionally effortless.

So drop us a line at:, we’d love to hear more about you.