Allium: Compared to Glue Once Again

I was sitting in a meeting last week discussing a major event and explaining how Allium work, and once again the comparison to glue came up.

Live events can seem complex. You can find yourself dealing with a bewildering number of issues, people and organisation that all need gluing together seamlessly. And all of this with things continually changing with a deadline set in stone and you’re completely exposed.

Gluing all those people, issues and organisations together under a robust framework is what Allium can do to help you do. Allium does this so that everyone can focus on what they are good at and should be doing, rather than dealing with common but unnecessary issues that often crop up when glueing together all these issues, people and organisations together.

In turn, you and anyone you bring on board can then focus on creating more impact, being more successful and innovating more.

So there you have it. Allium is glue.

These common problems, how to solve them and how Allium’s glue works are illustrated in a free quick reference guide: “Make Live Easy Foundations”. These are the basic building blocks upon which any live event: large, small or gargantuan can be built.

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