Orgasms, Theatre and Mountains – All In A Day’s Work

The latest edition of Professional Manager magazine ran a profile piece about a day in the life of me!

08:00 The day begins in an outdoor pool. I swim an awful lot and I love swimming outside.

10:00 I attend a somewhat sombre meeting to discuss how London and the UK stage state events such as royal funerals and the like, focusing on how they can be approached from a management point of view.

11:30 Jump to the other end of the spectrum, I take a brief from a pharmaceutical brand that wants to stage an event to promote a sex aid. One of the ideas I float is choreographing searchlights in the sky to the soundtrack of an orgasm. This is a contrast to the previous meeting!

13:00 Lunch is a sandwich on the move. I then spend a lot of the afternoon working on a project I’m producing in Brazil. It involves projecting large imagery for a brand on to the side of Sugarloaf Mountain and other mountains across Rio de Janeiro. There are all kinds of hurdles and red tape to negotiate; mainly trying to find ways around regulatory issues and negotiating with the military there. I find that, even when challenges get thrown in our way, with the right determination and tenacity there’s always a solution. I enjoying finding ways around problems, I’ve never failed yet.

16:00 Alongside my day job, I have the privilege of mentoring several people and organisations. While working on the Brazil project, I spend about an hour taking calls from a grass-roots sports organisation and a small theatre group. Enjoyable, I get to help them with various things such as business management through to their events.

19:00 I have a quick dinner with a friend in town then head home. I spend the evening writing, which I do quite a lot of. I’m working on my second book and have articles going out in various publications such as the Huffington Post, about once a week or so. I write on things like major events, how they’re stage, how to overcome problems and how to structure them. I find writing enjoyably therapeutic.