I’ll admit it – I am partial to some bouncing up and down in a night club to dance music. Some might not call it dancing, but I’m going to.

Ibiza has been synonymous with dance music or EDM (Electronic Dance Music) as it’s recently been labelled in the US, for years. One of the best known DJs working in the field is of course Pete Tong.

About 4 days ago I found out he was collaborating with Jules Buckley to bring the “Ibiza Proms” to the Albert Hall. Really?

I’ll be honest I didn’t know what to think. But it sounded crazy enough to seek out tickets for the event.

Overpriced aftermarket tickets purchased for the sold-out event in hand – I headed off to the Albert Hall this evening. An open mind and not knowing what to expect.

As well as dance music, I love classical music too – particularly strings music.

What an evening. I am not easily impressed, yet from the opening bars of Fat Boy Slim’s “Right Here Right Now” through to the, immense (and yes – it was immense) reproduction of Faithless’s “Insomnia” though – it was incredible.

Jules Buckley had a lot to do with this I think – arranging music for a huge orchestra to recreate these tracks so authentically was, I am sure, no mean feat.

Words can’t really do this gig justice. It was perhaps the ultimate culture mash-up. It was though, certainly an evening I’ll remember for a long time.

Check it out . . . it will make you smile . . .