Flexible Working

There was a time a few years back when I had an office full of mothers working for me. This wasn’t by design, it just kind of happened. Nonetheless, someone once asked me what the benefit of working mums was to my business. In short:

1. They’ve zero interest in office politics – they’ve more important things to do.
2. They don’t take or give any bullshit.
3. They’ve a level of efficiency even German engineers can only dream of . . . after all, Monkey Magic starts when it starts, and there’s no way a mother is ever going to miss a Monkey Magic session with her child!

I’d forgotten about this period of mum-filled office life, until one of those mums decided to go and use it as a shining example of how flexible working for working mums should be and wrote a fabulous article (and frankly – what article featuring me wouldn’t be fabulous . . . if only for my ego??) – so: Zoe, thanks lots.

Interested in flexible working? Zoe’s article: