16 November 2018

I spend so much of my time advising and guiding brands, governments and marketing, arts, entertainment and sports organisations, that I decided to commit some of the most common, useful or interesting advice to the interweb for everyone to benefit from. If you’re interested in qualified and authoritative guidance on creating, procuring or producing anything live event related, these videos are for you. If you’ve any queries or subjects you’d like me to look at – drop me a line.


Hi, I’m Will Glendinning. I’m a live event producer, director and designer, and I’ve been responsible for some of the most ambitious live events, campaigns and entertainment in recent history.

I operate internationally and have worked with countless global brands, charities, the Olympics, Tour de France, world leaders, military, major events, cultural festivals, all sorts of things.

This breadth and depth of experience and my ability to clarify and lead anything live is often why I’ve become the expert who the experts turn to, which is great, and I love it.

However, I see people often grappling with similar event-related struggles and frequently having similar queries. So, I thought I’d start providing some qualified and useful guidance in a few videos for anyone to use.

I work with pretty much every type and every flavour of live event, every scale and for every purpose. So, if you work in a brand, government, not-for-profit or marketing organisation, or in the arts, entertainment or sport and have anything you’d like me to explore or clarify with regard to creating, procuring or producing live events, just let me know and I’ll put a video together of the most interesting or common requests.

I hope I can help, and I’ll speak to you soon.