27 February 2019

THANKYOU!! – I’ve been radio silent for a while. Trying to work, and launch a book, and then deal with the massive response, which…well…it’s full on! Yet – what can I say but – thank you!! My new book – The Facts Of Live – which launched last week, became a number 1 bestseller in three different categories and even reached the top 10 stateside! Whilst I knew the book was a labour of love and would go on to be incredibly useful for many people, I had no idea just how much support I had – it really took me by surprise – and was quite overwhelming really.

Again – thank you!

The messages I’ve had from those who’ve read it already telling me it’s ‘game-changing’, or how it’s going to transform their businesses (and lives – it seems!) – have all been incredible too. Lots more to come as we explore the contents of the book and how it can help develop new creativity, ideas and innovations, reduce risks and increase the impact and value of live events and exhibitions for all. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your support, it really does mean a great deal. Thank you! The Facts Of Live is available on Amazon by clicking here.


– Hi I’m Will Glendinning, I’m a live event producer, designer, and director. And last week saw the official launch of my new book The Facts Of Live, and honestly, I’ve been astounded by the incredible response.

It became a number one bestseller in three different categories, and even reached the top 10 stateside. All I can say is, thank you. That’s amazing!

Thanks too for all the emails and messages I’ve had from people who’ve read it already, who tell me it’s game-changing or it’s going to transform their business, or lives even in one case.

Whilst the bestseller status is all well and good, what it really does is raise the profile of the book, creating a firm foundation for a movement to transform how anyone involved with, or thinking about getting involved with live events and exhibitions, develops new ideas, creativity, and innovation, reduces risks, and maximises the benefit they deliver.

Over the coming weeks, and based on the information in The Facts of Live, we’ll be looking at how brands, governments, sports and arts organisations, organising committees, event teams, agencies, anyone working with or needing live events; how they can conceive, procure, and produce live events that create the greatest value and impact.

Again, thanks for all your support getting this book launched, it really does mean a great deal to me.

Thanks again for watching, and I’ll speak to you again soon.