23 May 2019

HOW MANY HAVE YOU SOLD? – Write a book and this is the question you will get asked the most. My latest book, The Facts Of Live, came out a few months ago and as a result, there are 4 questions I am constantly asked: 1. How many books have you sold? 2. Are you rich now you’re a bestselling author? 3. Why did you write The Facts Of Live? 4. What’s next? 2 minutes of video with the answers…


Hi, I’m Will Glendinning. I’m a live event producer, designer, and director.

And earlier this year, I launched my latest book, The Facts Of Live, how live events are conceived, procured and produced to create the greatest value and impact.

It quickly became a bestseller, which is great, but that led to all sorts of questions. So I’m going to answer the four most common questions in this short video.

First up, how many books have you sold? I’ve no idea because I don’t actually have the sales data yet, but how many books I’ve sold in and of itself isn’t that important to me. What is important to me is getting that book and its content into as many hands as possible of people who develop, buy, and produce live events and exhibitions.

Second, are you rich now that you’re a bestselling author? Er…no. I get a fraction of the actual book’s cover price, a negligible amount, and it also cost a small fortune to write the book in the first place. If I ever even break even just from book sales, I’ll be amazed.

Question three, why did you write The Facts Of Live? I see so many misguided procurement processes, organisational structures and other practices with people focusing on the sexy and shiny stuff first, or just focusing on the things they understand without actually having the underlying fundamentals sorted out. Which is a bit like focusing on the interior design of a new building before you even appointed the architects and the engineers. Now there are a myriad of courses, and people, and books, and organisations you can turn to for all the individual aspects of live events, from event management and sponsorship and marketing through to the technical, creative and content side of things, but how do you actually best engage with these aspects, utilise them, procure them and actually glue them all together? Well, that’s the understanding that is often missing with those who are conceiving, procuring and producing live events, and filling that knowledge gap is why I wrote The Facts Of Live.

Question four, finally, what’s next? I’m doing all sorts of talks around the world, which is great fun, and I’ll be producing all sorts of content to bring the book to life across different channels. So watch this space for that too. And of course, there’s the actual day job, producing, procuring, developing and consulting on live events, and helping and advising different live event businesses around the world. It’s what I do.

Thanks for watching. If you bought the book, thanks for that too.

And if I can help you at all, just let me know.

And I’ll speak to you again soon.