29 March 2020

If you work in marketing, communication, entertainment, sport or the arts, this question will, in some form or another become increasingly important.

The value and purpose of most of our work is going to come under increasing scrutiny as we emerge from this global crisis. Waiting for the world to return to how it was is going to lead to challenges. The opportunity lies in embracing the changes.

Is the work you’re doing or contributing to serving any useful purpose – leading to something wondrous or worthwhile? Now is the opportunity to make sure it is. Two minutes of video to explain as I put the finishing touches to ideas and support to help you – whether you’re an individual, brand, government, supplier or agency.


Hi, I’m Will Glendinning, and I’m in the experience game. I produce, I direct, I write, I design and consult on live events, exhibitions, experiences, marketing, communication, entertainment, whatever it is – it’s typically live, and both on and offline.

Now, the first thing that I think about when I see a new idea or if a new idea comes across my desk or it’s something off my own bat or I see a tender or such like, I first ask, you know – what’s the point? And I’m usually pretty brutal. Now, some people dress this up as ROI, return on investment, or value or impact or whatever else.

But the way my head works, what runs through my mind is, is this wondrous (entertains of causes people to think differently) or worthwhile (serves business or commnication objectives)?

Many ideas fail this interrogation and if I have any influence, I normally advise people not to do it, or to change it in some way. But those that do pass, those that get it right, they’re pretty special. You know, they invoke a sense of wonder, or they become worthwhile.

Even before the crisis we find ourselves in globally, such interrogation was, in my view, often lacking… with many events, exhibitions and experiences having dubious value. And as we come out of this crisis, the world is going to demand more creative work and working, new approaches and fresh thinking.

For some, this is going to be a challenge, particularly those who are waiting for some semblance of normality to return or for life to return, just like it was before. For others, this is an enormous opportunity.

That opportunity lies with people and organisations that can shape and lead new creative thinking and working, people who can provide qualified leadership at every level, and people who can demonstrate agility.

Whether you’re a brand or a government or an agency or an individual or a supplier, knowing where you can be most valuable and most relevant is going to be critical.

Now, of course, this is all just talk and at the moment, I’m putting the finishing touches to the solutions and ideas to create tangible solutions and a tangible way forwards.

In the meantime, I urge you to look at what’s coming and what’s changing, and look at what’s going to be wanted and needed. And look at your own role and make damn sure in this new world, it leads towards something that’s wondrous or worthwhile.