12 April 2020

What with the virus ‘n all – we’ve all been zooming the living daylights out of our lives. Is there not a more interesting alternative worth pursuing though – a whole world in fact. Or worlds even. 2 minutes of video (and me losing my voice)…


Hi, I’m Will Glendinning, and I’m in the experience game. I’m a Producer, Writer, Designer, and Director.

Now, remote working has clearly hit the mainstream as a necessity, if nothing else. But, we’re all clearly Zooming the living daylights out of our lives, at the moment.

Are we not missing a trick, though?

Surely, there’s more exciting ways of working together remotely, than staring at a patchwork of pixelated portraits, no matter how beautiful they may be.

There’s a segment of society that have truly embraced remote working and collaborative working in spectacular fashion.


Gamers have been working together, joining forces remotely for years, be that mining in Minecraft, fighting in Fortnite, causing chaos and roaming around in Red Dead Redemption 2, playing footy in FIFA, and whatever’s going on here, in World of Warcraft. Gaming aside though, you’ve got people working remotely, collaboratively wandering around these incredible environments.

How much would it take the people that make these games to create environments that we could wander around while we’re working, chatting and hanging out together.

Instead of using your horse to find fights in a digital Mexico, at the chaos end of the spectrum, or jumping on Zoom for a more sedate experience, why not grab your mates or colleagues, and go for a canter along your virtual beach, on your virtual horse?

Rockstar Games, Epic Games, EA Sports – if you’re watching, is this worth looking at? Everyone can get in on the act. It’s a wonder they haven’t already.

Disney and Pixar could have us holding conference calls in the coral, Warner Bros. could have us hanging out in Hogwarts, and Elon could have us holding meetings on Mars, already.

It can’t be that hard, can it? Some of these digital worlds already exist, and new ones can be created. Just give us interesting environments, or worlds we can explore with our friends and our colleagues, and maybe throw a few challenges in, as well. And of course, I guess, you know, screen sharing and document sharing needs to be in there somehow, as well. Maybe partner with Zoom.

Remote working on horseback, anyone?

Surely, all this needs to be a thing.

What do you think?