2 April 2020

FREE STUFF – PART 1. Aside from taking care of friends, family and those who need our help, we have a choice at the moment. Fixate on the issues or navigate through them – reflect, reinvent and focus on the opportunities that will come and that can be created.

The first part of the help I’m offering is a brand-new series I’ve put together. No – it’s not on Netflix, and no – it won’t cost you a penny to binge on.

The Facts of Live – The Series, begins on the 8th of April 2020.

Coming out of the current situation – across the board, people and companies are going to be wanting more value, needing better or more appropriate creativity and looking to create more impact.

Changing times call for a change in thinking.

This series looks at how to conceive, procure, produce and create events, exhibitions, and anything live to create the greatest value and impact in these changing times.

If you work in marketing, communication, entertainment, sport or the arts, this is for you.

If you’re an individual – a freelancer or contractor, for example, an agency, a brand, a supplier or in government – this for you.

Until the 8th, here’s the trailer and a few thoughts from me afterwards…


[Trailer, followed by:]

Hi, I’m Will Glendinning. I’m a Producer, Writer, Designer, and Director. I’m here offering free stuff, free help.

If you work in marketing, entertainment, communications, sport, or the arts in any way, there’s certainly going to be challenges coming out of the situation everyone’s in currently.

There’s huge opportunity as well, too. If you’re willing to embrace the change.

Either way, the world’s going to be very different. Across the board, people are going to be becoming more efficient and effective, wanting more value, needing better or more appropriate creativity, and looking to create more impact.

Expecting things to return to how they were previously, I mean, it may happen, but good luck with that.

As I said in previous videos, I want to do all I can to help. And the first thing I’m doing is creating a free, abridged video series of a book I published last year, “The Facts of Live.”

Whether you’re an individual – a freelancer, or a contractor, for example, an agency, a brand, a supplier or in government, this series will guide you in how to conceive, procure and produce events, exhibitions or anything live to create the greatest value and impact.

Over the course of the series, you can expect information on not least, how to:

  • effectively nurture creativity, new ideas and innovation,
  • procure live events, goods and services more efficiently, even when you don’t know what you need,
  • understand the talent you need, don’t need, when you need it, how to identify it, and how to structure it as powerfully and as effectively as possible,
  • reduce time, cost and complexity,
  • reduce financial, operation and reputation risks,
  • get the best out of your own people or those you bring on board, with proven leadership principles,
  • and glue together the myriad of issues, people and organisations you’ll be relying upon against the backdrop of constant change and uncertainty, an immovable deadline, and with everyone watching.

This information has never been more vital.

Now change has been long overdue, but now, suddenly, forced upon us all.

My hope with this free video series is that it helps you if you’re in any live or creative field, in this critical time of reflection, focus and reinvention.

I hope I can help you, from the Glendinning bunker.

A new episode will come out each week, or maybe twice a week, time and isolation chores permitting.

And I look forward to the debates and the discussions – do get involved.

Thanks for watching, thanks for your time, and I’ll speak to you again soon.