Hire Will

Hire Will

Will is a live event producer and consultant who helps people easily commission and create world-class live events.

Over almost 20 years Will has worked for, run and now owns high profile live event organisations.

He’s been involved with and responsible for some of the largest and most complex live events in recent history. Some of the largest corporate events ever staged: for Ford, the Millennium Dome, major sporting events such as the Tour de France and the Olympics, cultural activity such as the London 2012 Festival and commemorative events for the Ministry of Defence. He’s helped some of the best known brands in the world, for example: Coca Cola, UEFA, Samsung, RBS and a plethora of other companies, agencies and government.

He’s had to beat mother nature at her own game, deal with terrorist threats, and has had his work praised in parliament.

He’s an author, speaker and commentator on mainstream TV and radio. He’s the expert the experts turn to. If you’d like to work with Will, here’s how Will can help you:

Producer & Consultant

Will focuses on new, complex or unusual live events of any scale: large or small. If you have a live event you’d like Will to produce or consult on please get in touch via Allium at: hello@Allium.co or call +44 207 100 1230


From time to time Will takes on new mentoring clients, helping people one-on-one to better commission, create and / or manage live events. If you’d like to improve how you or your organisation work with live events or the results you’re getting please enquire via Allium at: hello@Allium.co or call +44 207 100 1230


To hire Will to speak at an event, please enquire via Allium at: hello@Allium.co or call +44 207 100 1230

Press / Media

For any press or media enquiries, please contact Holly Sutton at: holly@journalista.co.uk or call: +44 20 7232 4670