Will has literally written the book on live events, with one title specific to sports events “The Ultimate Guide to Event Management” published by SportsBusiness, and he has a second book looking at all things ‘live’ coming soon.

The Ultimate Guide to Event Management looks at the architecture of sports events and events associated with sport, and provides insight and practical advice.

Tom Lee from Sport Business summarises:

” Sports events have evolved from the polite gatherings of the early twentieth century to become major ventures in their own right.

Leaving aside mega-events: the Olympic Summer and Winter Games, FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro events, there are a large number of mid-level events requiring investment of money and expertise and involving large numbers of people.

It is for organisers of these events that this report has been written.

These organisers are required to be experts in a large number of disciplines and to bring off a show on a specific date with no second chances. They have a huge number of stakeholders depending on them from sports federations and athletes to sponsors, broadcasters, crowds and not forgetting the community hosting the event.

They have to contend with moving financial goalposts, press scrutiny and a bewildering number of moving parts to keep an eye on. They will often need to recruit and lead a large team or, possibly more difficult, select an external provider who will deliver the event on their behalf. They will often have to pledge large sums of money or promise a return to rights-holders against uncertain outcomes only some of which are in their control.

Finally, event organisers face the increasing possibility that their event will be disrupted by scandal or terror turning their hard work to dust overnight.

It is the best job in the world and one which some people put themselves through willingly again and again.

This report provides a sympathetic and practical guide to some of the main issues that will occupy most organisers. “

Thanks to everyone who contributed information and content to the book.

For further information or to purchase the book visit Sport Business.

Will Glendinning Cover