Want To Work in Events?

I receive lots of emails and requests for help from people wanting to 'work in events' or work in 'Event Management'. I thought I'd write this article to help answer some common questions.
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"Why I Hate School But Love Education"

I have nothing to add to this video that the video doesn't say already. Please just watch it.

The Spark

"The Spark": A Pretty Amazing Book

I've just read this book: The Spark, a mother's story of nurturing genius. This book should be mandatory reading for parents, the education establishment and in fact - for everyone with any interest or concern about how we learn, and how we don't learn.

Not withstanding the incredible story Kristine Barnett has to tell about her own life and that of her children, there's a much deeper moral in this story.
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How I Ended Up 'Working In Events'

I often get asked how I ended up 'working in events'. This extract from a piece I contributed to in the Guardian is a brief summary . . .
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